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I'm using latest (1.0.1) version of Omniauth with rails 3.1.3. Right now, I'm using omniauth with 37signals strategy. I would like to pass custom argument ("state" parameter) depending on auth url (eg. http://localhost:3000/auth/37signals/5 should redirect to https://launchpad.37signals.com/authorization/new?(...)&state=5

I've tried to set (temporarily) fixed state, with something like

provider "37signals", "my_client_id", "my_secret", {state: "5"}

However, in my url there is (still) no state param. Any ideas why? Is it possible to set that param?

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when creating the url you can just add state in the Query String and it will be available in the callback url as well.

user_omniauth_authorize_path(:facebook, :display => 'page', :state=>'123') %>

now the callback url will be


Now in the callback handler you can process the state

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I think you can not to appending other params for the url. the server side just like the specify params.

maybe you need to take a look this one.


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