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i occured a problem about code below, which i trying to set localproperties with a loop:

function aa(b,c,d){
    var args=arguments.callee.toString().match(/function.*\((.*)\)/)[1].split(",");
    for(var key=0;key<arguments.callee.length;key++){
var xxx=new aa(11,22,33);

The thing is: i get the three values correctly in IE,Chrome and Opera; but in Firefox and Safari, i only could get the first(this.b=11,in this case), while the othere two undefined. Does anyone could tell me the reason and how to fix it? thks.

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Try .split(/, */) in line two.

Function.prototype.toString prettyprints in some engines:

js> ''+ function aa(a,b,c){}
"function aa(a, b, c) {\n}"
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yes,that's the problem come from, thank u very much. – james li Dec 21 '11 at 2:08

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