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I am scheduling some reports by using data driven subscription in SSRS 2008 R2.

Regardless of whether the generated report is empty or not, reports are still sent to recipients. This has been a common problem for long time, and honestly, the suggestions I have seen on the forums did not quite work out.

One of the suggestions, I tried, was that I have created a hidden parameter and set it to a field on the main dataset in default values tab. It throws error if the report is empty and report is generated if there is some data to show in report designer. However, when I schedule this report, it asks me to provide default value and I cannot finish scheduler wizard without providing it. If I provide any default value, the empty reports are still sent. But unlike this, an error is supposed to be thrown for empty reports and they should not be sent.

has anyone used this method before? if so, could you tell me what I am missing here please?

I was just wondering whether you guys have an ideal solution for this issue.

Many thanks for your help.


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Here is my workaround: Retrieve your data via a stored procedure and put the following code in the end

IF @@ROWCOUNT = 0 RAISERROR('No data', 16, 1)

Check Russell Christopher's article and comments for more details. What surprise me is it has been 6 years and MS just can't come out a solution for this :3

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Many ways to accomplish this. It is easy to change the behavior of the subscription based on the results of a query. Just query your database to figure out the situation (e.g. in a process log -- or just return the status from a procedure you have to run anyway), and use an if statement.


DECLARE @SomeVariable INT = 0; -- 0 means good

EXEC @SomeVariable = reports.sp_some_proc; -- Returns 1 if something is bad

IF @NoData = 0 -- everything is fine send report

    mail_to = 'email1; email2; email3,... important people.....',
    mail_subject = 'Whatever subject',
    mail_comment = 'Whatever comment',
    include_report = 'True'

ELSE -- the world is a dark place, variable is probably 1 or something. bad...

    mail_to = 'someone you don''t like',
    mail_subject = 'something is bad' + LEFT(CONVERT(VARCHAR(25), GETDATE(), 20),16),
    mail_comment = 'like i said, something is bad',
    include_report = 'False'
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Please use like below script to stop blank scheduler report in SSRS :


Select @PN=Count(ParameterName) from setup   where 

@SAPProcessedDate<>parametervalue   and parametername='CommunicatorLastRun'

IF @PN = 0

    Select 1/0


Select 'Communicator Not Running' AS ParameterName

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