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I have a JavaScript web app that dosen't run on IE.

So naturally I fire up the console to try to figure out what is wrong. However, by some annoying miracle, it decides to work when I do this.

I believe it enters some compatibility mode when the console is open wich fixes the error thus preventing me from findin out what is wrong. Here is all I got from the console:

HTML1200: dropbox.com is on the Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility View List ('C:\Users...\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData\iecompatdata.xml').

  • How do I prevent this happening?


  • can somone tell me why my app isnt working :)
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In your script you have got console.log(). The console is only available in IE8 / 9 if the developer tools are open:

console.log(model); // line 104
console.log("Days to complete: " + days); // line 310

All you need to do is remove the console.log() statements.

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Awesome thanks. Is there any way to conditionally include the logs for non IE browsers? Also how did you find this out? Manual inspection? –  Robert Dec 19 '11 at 11:13
Yep, pretty much through painful experience; as with most things in IE :-). You could include a function something like: function log(msg) { if (typeof console !== "undefined") { console.log(msg); } } and then do log(model). When it comes to production you'd want to remove it though. –  jabclab Dec 19 '11 at 11:15

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