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How to do assert almost equal with py.test for floats without resorting to something like:

assert x - 0.00001 <= y <= x + 0.00001


More specifically it will be useful to know a neat solution for quickly compare pairs of float, without unpacking them:

assert (1.32, 2.4) == i_return_tuple_of_two_floats()
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You will have to specify what is "almost" for you:

assert abs(x-y) < 0.0001

and although its a completely different question:

assert all([i==j for i,j in zip(tuple1,tuple2)])
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Something like

assert round(x-y, 5) == 0

That is what unittest does

For the second part

assert all(round(x-y, 5) == 0 for x,y in zip((1.32, 2.4), i_return_tuple_of_two_floats()))

Probably better to wrap that in a function

def tuples_of_floats_are_almost_equal(X, Y):
    return all(round(x-y, 5) == 0 for x,y in zip(X, Y))

assert tuples_of_floats_are_almost_equal((1.32, 2.4), i_return_tuple_of_two_floats())
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If you have access to NumPy it has great functions for floating point comparison that already do pairwise comparison: http://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy-dev/reference/routines.testing.html.

Then you can do something like:

numpy.testing.assert_allclose(i_return_tuple_of_two_floats(), (1.32, 2.4))
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