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I'm working on app which needs Linkedin connectivity i.e user should be able to share some text/urls on linkedin through the app.

Any sample code would be a great help.

Many Thanks


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Have you seen this: http://www.whitneyland.com/2011/03/iphone-oauth.html

or this:


They should help you get started on iOS

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I think you can find all informations here : https://developer.linkedin.com/apis

and here https://developer.linkedin.com/documents/linkedin-api-resource-map#

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Thanks for your help Christopher, I just got to know that I have to use the following api for sharing something on linkedin: api.linkedin.com/v1/people/~/shares but I am not able to find a proper way to use it, i know it does not sound good but still seeking for ur help, if you could help me more with some code of using this API, I would be really very great full to you, thanks –  Ab Singh Dec 19 '11 at 12:57

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