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Is there any analytics service which could provide me detailed logging and analytics for a REST API which I have created. I checked out Google Analytics but it more apt for analyzing a web site in terms page view, unique users etc. In my case it would be which API is called, from which geography, time taken for each call etc. Another simple solution would be log all these info into a database and then plot patterns with SQL queries. But if there is already a proper service for doing this, I won't have to waste effort on this.

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Have you considered Google Analytics "Event Tracking". I am not very familiar with it. But as I understand it allows you to build additional tracking above and beyond the traditional web metrics of somone surfing your site. – M Schenkel Dec 21 '11 at 16:23

I am using RPM, it does what you want and much more.

You can use it with Ruby, Java, PHP, .NET and Python (maybe they added a couple of new drivers while I was posting this :-) )

I would go even as far as saying that my apps wouldn't have success they had, if not for new relic.

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