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I'm having a bit of an issue updating my GL headers. Basically I want to access the function glCompressedTexImage2D but my gl headers are really old and I don't believe that function exists in those headers. So I've tried to update my gl.h file but I get loads of errors. I've tried updating my graphics card software among other things. Can anyone be of help?

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I'm having a bit of an issue updating my GL headers.

That's because you're not supposed to do this. In Windows anything beyond OpenGL-1.1 is gathered through the extension mechanism. The easiest way to access this is through GLEW. Install this and use GL/glew.h instead of the regular GL/gl.h. Then after a OpenGL context has been created the first thing to call is glewInit().

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Apparently, Windows is stuck on an old version of OpenGL (1.2?). Try using GLEW or Glee to load the needed extension (GL_ARB_TEXTURE_COMPRESSION in the case of glCompressedTexImage2D). These libraries will load the available extensions and let you check in your code if a particular extension is loaded or not.

Example with GLEE:

#include <gl/GLee.h>          

     // the extension is not available, use a different method

Note that GLEE does not require you to explicitly initialize it (unlike GLEW). I strongly recommend this method over manually loading a function pointer. Not because it's my answer :), but because this will also take care of finding out if the hardware and its driver supports the extension (which could be very messy), and it is platform-independent.

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Note that GLEE is defunct and no longer being updated. It stopped at GL 3.3; there have been 6 versions of OpenGL released since then. So however much you may like the style, you shouldn't use it. There are a number of alternatives for loading OpenGL functions. – Nicol Bolas Dec 19 '11 at 17:38
Thanks for the heads-up. – Tamás Szelei Dec 20 '11 at 9:14

You need to find out if the current device supports the function, and then get the address of the function before you can call it:

const char* string = glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS);

if (strstr(string, "GL_ARB_texture_compression") != NULL)
   p = (PFNGLCOMPRESSEDTEXIMAGE2DPROC)wglGetProcAddress("glCompressedTexImage2D");
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Go to the: and download newest version of glext.h and wglext.h

Now you will be able to manually get function pointer to features that you want. Under Windows there is only OpenGL 1.1.

For a beginner I suggest using GLEW (GLEE is also great but has not been updated for quite a long time...)

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