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I m very new in spring batch project.I m trying to create a project in spring batch framework but i don't know how to create a project in spring batch framework,so please help me regarding my problem.Firstly just tell me that how i create a simple "hello world" program using Simple Spring Batch Project in spring source tools suits using maven.

Thanks in advance.

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From the documentation, it looks like there is no real maven archetypes to build the skeleton of a spring batch projet. The documentation recommends anyway to copy samples and examples from their website to start from.


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Please refer the link here for Spring batch maven repositories . There are some samples here and a user guide in this link

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Spring Batch is not trivial for the first time, then I recommend you to copy this code:


Then, using Eclipse open this (Maven project) and compile (mvn clean install) Last thing (if all works ok) just run the main method, usually o Scheduler task.

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