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I have a csv file (really big) that I'm parsing with php.

Now is made like this.


but sometimes there is this:


doing this: explode(',',$string); In case of a "" value also explode everything within.


What can I do to have this:




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Don't use explode, use fgetcsv.

For parsing just a string use str_getcsv if you have PHP >= 5.3.

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If I were you and had to use the method you are saying. I would parse the string for text within the quotes via a regular expression.

Replace the , with a * (for example)


then explode the string once again with the ,

Now you should get an approriate array but now you have the bla*bla*bla.

Then just do str_replace on the array

And in that way you should work..

This only applies if you have strict rules how to parse.. (in this case by explode);

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