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I am trying to copy and paste these rows - one at the time in VBA

Name    Col1            Col 2            Col 3
Tom     LTD - 617   LTD - 2236  LTD - 964
David   LTD - 289   LTD - 045   LTD - 055
Peter   LTD - 112   LTD - 687   LTD - 899

I need to transpose and paste value for each row in the same column like this

LTD - 617
LTD - 2236
LTD - 964

Is there a do loop in VBA that can help me achieve this?

I need the VBA version of how to do this as I'm automating this worksheet, my example is more complex but what I want to do can be illustrated with a simple example like the above. Can anyone suggest a VBA solution - I need to understand how do you loop thorough rows one at the time and outputting them in different location and position.

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What have you tried / what does not work ? – iDevlop Dec 19 '11 at 13:02

If your source table is as symmetric as your question suggests and if this is a one-off transformation, I would use formulae to arrange the transposition. If either of these are untrue, it will be -1 for an inadequate question.

I assume your source table starts in cell A1 and there is nothing to stop me using column F.

Paste the following into cells F2:F5


This will set cell F2:F5 to the values from row 2. Copy this block of 4 cells (repeat block of 4 cells not cell F5) down as far as necessary. The values you seek will be in a column as formulae.

Use Copy and Paste Special, Values, to get the values you seek as values.

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