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i have to fetch some data from a web page. i want to use phpQuery for that.when i try for the example

phpQuery::browserGet('http://www.google.com/', 'success1');
function success1($browser) {
      ->val('search phrase')
function success2($browser) {
  print $browser;

i got a error message like

Fatal error: Class 'phpQuery' not found in /var/www/TantraProjects/Testing/pregmatch.php on line 4 

i cant know that is phpQuery class not exist or something else.

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Where is phpQuery.php saved? It must be in include_path –  Michael Berkowski Dec 19 '11 at 12:24

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This clearly is a problem where the php engine is not able to find your phpQuery file. So the problem is in

 require_once ('phpQuery/phpQuery.php'); 

line. Is phpQueryfolder in the Testing Folder or TantraProjects folder? If latter, change:

 require_once '../phpQuery/phpQuery.php';
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