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i want to add image inside a span here's what i tried (inside a form i added this script):

<script language="JavaScript">
       function addSelected(){
             var content=" <img src='/resources/images/image.bmp'/> ";
             var span = document.getElementById("members"); 

but it always gives me the error:

unterminated string literal

on this line:

var content=" <img src='/resources/images/image.bmp'/> ";

because it's translated by browser to something like (found that by firebug):

var content=" <img src="/resources/images/CONTACTS.bmp" /> &#34;;

this is tested on firefox 8.

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"It's translated" – translated by what? – lonesomeday Dec 19 '11 at 12:27
Please post the HTML markup this is modifying. Something is probably incorrect there. – Michael Berkowski Dec 19 '11 at 12:28
question updated. – Sameh Farahat Dec 19 '11 at 12:30
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And what about this:

var content = document.createElement("img");
content.src = "/resources/images/image.bmp";

This the standard way of adding elements to the DOM using DOM itself. And you avoid these kind of problems.

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when i tried that, nothing is added to span ! but i get no errors in console ! – Sameh Farahat Dec 19 '11 at 12:44
my bad, i had to add application context before the url, it works very fine. – Sameh Farahat Dec 19 '11 at 12:50
Are you sure that the object exists before you call span? What he posted should work. – phpmeh Dec 19 '11 at 12:51
yes it's working fine now. – Sameh Farahat Dec 19 '11 at 12:55
@sameh frahat Nice, it's better to do this way as you're using common standards, which may mean you've a more "cross-browser code" ;) – Matías Fidemraizer Dec 19 '11 at 13:02

Simply add \ before any " in the content string.

var content=" <img src=\"/resources/images/image.bmp\"/> ";
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when i try that i get the error: Open quote is expected for attribute "{1}" associated with an element type "src". – Sameh Farahat Dec 19 '11 at 12:45
Are you sure that you are doing it exactly like he did? Note that he isn't escaping the 1st and last double quotes. – phpmeh Dec 19 '11 at 12:49
I don't see anything wrong with the code in the question or the code in this answer; I think there must be something else going on here... – nnnnnn Dec 19 '11 at 12:51
This is a simple js string, escaping quotes is really basic stuff.. Here we got a double-quoted string (between ") and we escape every " inside it with `\`. – user971401 Dec 19 '11 at 12:51
i have no idea why it's not working, i am putting the JS function inside a form (and i am making JSF application), maybe this will help. – Sameh Farahat Dec 19 '11 at 12:56

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