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I have this snippet of HTML5, which allows the user to click and play a bit of audio:

<audio controls>
    <source src="cell.ogg">
    <source src="cell.mp3">
    <source src="cell.m4a">

This works fine in FF 8 on OS X Lion. The audio player controls appear, I can click play, and it plays the ogg version.

But if I put the containing file inside the iframe of another HTML5 document (both from the local file system; no cross-origin issues), then it doesn't work. The rest of the HTML displays fine, but Firefox acts as if it doesn't support any of the media formats.

Here's the function I use to add the page to the iframe:

function postContentToIframe(content)
    var iframe = $("#displayContents")[0].contentWindow.document;; iframe.close(); // must open and close document object to start using it!
    $("body", iframe).append(content).hide().fadeIn("slow");

Here's how FF renders it.

enter image description here

Why? And how do I fix it? TIA.

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New info: Hosted the files on Apache (cause Chrome has cross-origin issues with local files). Tested with Chrome 16. Same exact issue! The audio plays when rendered as it own page but not when in the iframe. Weird. – james.garriss Dec 19 '11 at 13:02
I wonder if it's a security-related issue. Are you getting any error reports in the console? – Jeffrey Sweeney Dec 19 '11 at 13:19
I'm doing some logging, which shows up in the console, but no errors in FF or Chrome. – james.garriss Dec 19 '11 at 13:32
New info: If I delete the JS function and manually add the source in the iframe (<iframe src="test2.html"></iframe>), the audio works fine. So, the problem must be with how the JS function adds the content. Ideas? – james.garriss Dec 19 '11 at 15:11
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Mystery solved. It was a directory/relative URL issue. The base HTML file (with the iframe element) was in a different directory from the appended HTML file (the iframe contents) and the audio files. Thus it couldn't find the audio files.

Solution: Either put all files into one directory, or (better) use absolue URLs instead of relative URLs.

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