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I am created two scaffold in rails3.1 using spine.js.one scaffold is hr and another one is department.In spine:model hr has_many department ,department belongs_to hr.In deparment spine:controller

class Index extends Spine.Controller
    'click [data-type=edit]':    'edit'
    'click [data-type=destroy]': 'destroy'
    'click [data-type=show]':    'show'
    'click [data-type=hr]':     'hr'

  constructor: ->
    @active (params) ->

  change: (id) ->
    @item = Hr.find(id)

  render: =>
   department = Department.find_all_by_hr_id(@hr_id)
   @html @view('departments/index')(departments: deparment)

i tried to list deparment using hr_id in department index page.but i can't using above code. i have error like this Department.find_all_by_hr_id(@hr_id) is not function in firebug. Any one help me

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1 Answer

You are confusing spine.js models with rails models. They are two seperate things. Spine Models do not handle things like they do in rails. Instead you have to call Department.findAllByAttribute("hr_id", @hr_id)

You can find an introduction into spine models on this page: Spine Models

The API documentation can be found here: Spine Models API

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