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I was asked this question in an interview today, and didn't know how to answer.

Can anyone provide an insight as to the differences?

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Data integrity: The accuracy and consistency of stored data, indicated by an absence of any alteration in data between two updates of a data record. Data integrity is imposed within a database at its design stage through the use of standard rules and procedures, and is maintained through the use of error checking and validation routines.

Data quality is a perception or an assessment of data's fitness to serve its purpose in a given context.

Aspects of data quality include:

Update status
Consistency across data sources
Appropriate presentation
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Yes, he actually mentioned the sources, so it indeed is copied from somewhere else :) –  ScarletAmaranth Dec 19 '11 at 20:07
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The below answer is wrt ETL testing : Data integrity(orphan check) - Check if the newly added column/ existing column has a parent which is null or blank.

Data quality (percent null check) - This check is performed only when a new column is added to the table .

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