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Is there a way to point the default CSS path to a different directory in Orchard? I would like to locate my CSS in the content directory.

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Orchard uses the ~/Scripts folder to locate a stylesheet file in a given module or theme, if you provide a relative path. You can change that behavior, but that'd be a hard thing to do and would possibly introduce many errors.

I guess the best way to do would be to provide full path relative to the root, eg:

@{ Style.Include("~/Themes/MyThemeName/MyCustomFolder/Site.css"); }

If you provide a full path, Orchard will not look for your stylesheet in /Styles folder. Knowing that, you can create an extension method for ResourceRegister, providing your own implementation of Include method, that would append the custom path to the provided one.


public static ResourceExtensions
    public static RequireSettings CustomInclude(this ResourceRegister register, string path)
            // Construct your own path, by eg. 
            // appending custom base path to given path
            var myPath = ....;
            return register.Include(myPath)


And now you can use Style.CustomInclude(...) instead of Style.Include(...) inside your shapes and get your custom stylesheet path.

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What you probably want to do is create a theme. The way to do it is described in this page of the orchard documentation.

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