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Say I have a method that returns this.

Vector[ (PkgLine, Tree) ]()

I want to convert this to a List of PkgLines. I want to drop the Tree off. I'm not seeing anything in the scala library that would allow me to do this. Anybody have any simple ideas? Thanks.

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val list = vector.map(_._1).toList

If you have a Tupel t, you can access its first element using t._1. So with the map operation, you're effectively throwing away the trees, and store the PkgLines directly. Then you simply convert the Vector to List.

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breakOut is a nice way to skip intermediary Vector: vector.map(_._1)(collection.breakOut): List[PkgLine] –  4e6 Dec 19 '11 at 17:07

Using map with a selector of the first element of the pair works:

scala> val v = Vector[(Int,String)]((5,"5"), (42,"forty-two"))
v: ... = Vector((5,5), (42,forty-two))

scala> v.map(_._1).toList
resN: List[Int] = List(5, 42)

Alternatively, you can use unzip:

scala> val (ints,strings) = v.unzip
ints: scala.collection.immutable.Vector[Int] = Vector(5, 42)
strings: scala.collection.immutable.Vector[String] = Vector(5, forty-two)

scala> ints.toList
resN: List[Int] = List(5, 42)
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