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Hi i am trying to use pchart library but i am getting some weird results in CentOS vps different from my windows server machine.

the code is a sample and basic one like

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 // Standard inclusions   



 // Dataset definition 

 $DataSet = new pData;



$DataSet->SetSerieName("Sample data","Serie1");

// Initialise the graph

$Test = new pChart(700,230);






// Draw the line graph



// Finish the graph




$Test->drawTitle(60,22,"My pretty graph",50,50,50,585);



The resulting image in windows is Win

and the result in CentOS VPS of that same code is Lix

I think it might have to do with versions of php_gd2.dll or something. This is the version of pchart i am using version

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This appears to be a font issue, as the only difference that I can see is that it is missing its text. Without a CentOS install, I can't test this out, though I would experiment with a simple graph using the drawTitle($X,$Y,$Text,$Format="") function, and some different fonts in CentOS.

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Yes i stupidly forgot to copy the font library. –  Evan Mar 11 '12 at 20:26
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