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I'm probably defining my route incorrectly but I'm following along with this example. I've defined my routes like this:

namespace :admin do
  namespace :distributions do
    resources :workflows do
      collection do
        post :edit_multiple
        put :update_multiple

obviously there are a bunch of other things within in the admin namespace and I wanted my distributions to belong to the admin namespace and workflows inside of that.

however when I do this:

<%= form_tag admin_edit_multiple_distributions_workflows_path do %>

or this:

<%= form_tag admin_distributions_edit_multiple_workflows_path do %>

I get an undefined method or variable error:

undefined local variable or method `admin_distributions_edit_multiple_workflows_path' for #<#<Class:0x12c2b2320>:0x12c29dfd8>

what'd I do wrong?

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what is the output from 'rake routes'? –  Nick Dec 19 '11 at 15:01

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You have to put edit_multiple or update_multiple in front, like so:



But, as Nick already mentioned in his comment, rake routes should give you the answer anyway.

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