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If a class Puppy inherits Object by default, if I want my Puppy class to extend a superclass Dog, does the Puppy still extends Object at all times?

I'm not too sure about this but I think the Puppy still extends Object all times, seeing as Eclipse provides me the methods of the Object Class.

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Puppy will inherit Dog, which will inherit Object. The answer to your question is yes. All classes inherit Object at some point in their class hierarchy. This is why your brand new NewClass will have toString(), hashCode() and other functions you find in Object.

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No, Puppy extends Dog and Dog extends Object.

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Thank you everyone for the clarification! –  Nicholas Kong Dec 19 '11 at 15:09

Assuming that Dog also extends the default class (being Object), it will be true that Puppy extends Dog that extends Object.

And this means that Puppy extends Object.

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Puppy extends Dog and Dog extends Object so you get all the methods from Object in the Puppy.

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Think in terms of inheritance hierarchy.

If you go up the hierarcy, the topmost class (Dog) in the hierarchy by default extends the Object.

And a subclass always inherits all the inheritable members of it's superclass no matter even if they were in turn inherited by the superclass from some other superclass of it's own.

So, even though the Puppy is not extending the Object directly, it's inheriting the members of Object through that hierarchy.

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Yes, it does.

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