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I am trying to format my CSV export from a radGrid. It exports fine but it doesn't seem to pick up any of the styles. This what I am using:

protected void imgBtnExportCSV_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    foreach (GridDataItem item in grdLeadList.MasterTableView.Items) //loop through each grid item
        if (item.Selected)

foreach (GridDataItem item in grdLeadList.MasterTableView.Items)
    // for particuler item
    item["CompanyName"].Font.Name = "Calibri";
    item["CompanyName"].Style["font-size"] = "8pt";
    item["CompanyName"].Style["background-color"] = "#FFF";
    item["CompanyName"].Style["vertical-align"] = "middle";
  grdLeadList.ExportSettings.ExportOnlyData = true;
  grdLeadList.ExportSettings.OpenInNewWindow = true;
                grdLeadList.MasterTableView.Columns.FindByUniqueName("ClientSelectColumn").Visible = false;
            grdLeadList.MasterTableView.Columns.FindByUniqueName("EditCommandColumn1").Visible = false;
            grdLeadList.ExportSettings.FileName = "ColderLeads";


Is it possible to format CSV export from radGrid?


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CSV is just that, comma separated values - no formatting. Have you tried exporting to excel instead (goo.gl/xYMEM)? –  LowTide Dec 19 '11 at 18:05

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CSV is just a text file, nothing special about it - Excel just happens to open it by default. What you what is to export your grid to Excel.

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