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I just need to know if WCF is platform independent like Webservices? Can the functions in WCF be accessed by Java and Php?


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Yes sure - WCF itself will run on Windows only - but the services it provides can be accessed from any other language / tool.

And using WCF as a client, you can also access any other tool's services, e.g. you can access a webservice written in PHP, Java, etc.

That's the whole point of SOA! :-)


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Yes, WCF is a superset of web services. It can do both platform independent as well as platform dependant communication. You just need to choose one of the wsXXX bindings.

See here for a list of the bindings that WCF supports: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms730879.aspx

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yes if you use standard-compliant binding (any that has WS in the name like WsHttpBinding)

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WCF is Web Services - plus a lot more. It replaces the older ASMX service feature.

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