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I'm new to Grails development.

I have a domain class like this :

class DaySchedule {
    Date Todaysdate
    String startTime;
    String endTime;
    String task
    int priority 
    boolean completed
    static belongsTo = [ schedule : Schedule ]

I have bootstrapped with some test data's. Now I want to do a query, with following condition :

  • I need to pick each task (which are stored in bootstrap.groovy) which are belongs to a particularTodaysdate.

For example if I have these statements in my BootStrap.groovy :

//other codes
def daySchedule3 = new DaySchedule(Todaysdate:new Date(),
                task:"ReaD git...",completed:false)
def daySchedule4 = new DaySchedule(Todaysdate:new Date()+1,
                task:"Read MySQL....",completed:false)

Now clearly the task, ReaD git... belongs to a day (which is today as I have passed new Date() into it).

To find these I came up with a partial solution like this:

        def allTasks = DaySchedule.findAllByTaskIsNotNull()
        def dates  = allTasks.collect { it.Todaysdate }
        def tasks = dates.collect { 
                    def queryParameter = new DaySchedule(Todaysdate:it)
                    def todaysWork = DaySchedule.findAll(queryParameter)

I have a problem with this code. I couldn't use collectEntries method on the dates and tasks so that I convert it into map of a particular date(i.e dates) with values as tasks. (which is what I tried for!)

Now I'm left lone. I couldn't not able to find a way to guess for which dates the tasks belongs to.

Any other solutions for it?

Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like you're trying to get a map with a key of the date, and a value of the task name, for all of the domain objects DaySchedule. You may want to try Collection.groupBy. For example:

def allTasks = DaySchedule.findAllByTaskIsNotNull()

def tasksByDate = [:] // start with empty map

    allTasks.groupBy { task ->
        // group by just the date portion, ignoring time
        // clone since clearTime modifies original
    }.collect { date, daySchedule ->
        // change from map of date -> daySchedule to map of date -> task
        [date, daySchedule.task] as MapEntry
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the groupBy method is returning the null as the key value. Not the todaysDate... – Ant's Dec 19 '11 at 17:12
Are the dates coming back null from findAllByTaskIsNotNull? Also, make sure you get the capitalization right; you've got Todaysdate in your code, but I used the more conventional todaysDate. – ataylor Dec 19 '11 at 17:45
ya I have changed Todaysdate properly. And from findAllByTaskIsNotNull all dates are coming back properly. I guess the problem is with clone().clearTime() this line of code... – Ant's Dec 20 '11 at 0:38

I think you have a design problem somewhere... it would be easier to have something like :

class Task {
    Date startTime;  
    Date endTime;
    String description
    int priority 
    boolean completed
    static belongsTo = [ schedule : Schedule ]

    String toString() {
        return "${description} : from ${startTime} to ${endTime}"


Then, you can list all the dates for which you have tasks in them like this :

java.text.DateFormat df = java.text.DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.LONG, Locale.US);

def days = Task.list().collect {

So now the "days" variable contains an array of strings of unique days present in your database with tasks associated.

If you want to list the tasks by day, you can then do :

days.each { dayString ->
    def date = df.parse(dayString)
    def dayTasks = Task.findAllByStartTimeBetween(date, date+1)
    println "Tasks for ${dayString}"
    dayTasks.each {
        println "    - ${it}"
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what your saying your is right. My main aim is to render all the tasks on a each day. Now the problem becomes, how I will use findAllByStartTimeBetween(date1, date2) for all possible todaysDate from my table? Thats why I didn't use them..... – Ant's Dec 20 '11 at 0:40
Can you use grails 2.0 ? That will be easier with the new where queries syntax and usage of the date functions I guess : see and scroll down to the "Other functions" chapter... – Philippe Dec 20 '11 at 10:45
Yup will migrate soon.... And I guess as @ataylor have told, the groupBy method does the job (in my case) quite well and its easy to maintain.. Any how thanks for your answer... – Ant's Dec 21 '11 at 6:48

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