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We all know that a readonly reference type variable's reference can't change, but the GC can change it. What happens when the GC changes the readonly type's pointer?

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If you are asking what happens when the GC moves the variable of readonly type

Then answer is nothing happens. GC moves the position as it normally does. That's all

For GC moving a non readonly type is same as moving a readonly type. ReadOnly and nonReadOnly concepts are for programmers not GC

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Readonly is not actually readonly... for example, reflection can change readonly fields. So this is then no different than any other reference (since GC is part of the VM, and much stronger than reflection).

Changing the value of string.Empty is always good for a giggle... (cough, I'd never do that, cough)

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First off, readonly references can be reassigned inside constructors. As for the GC moving pointers around, it's nothing special than what happens to other normal pointers, except user code can't change what they point to.

Essentially readonly only prevents YOU from changing the reference, not preventing the runtime to do what it's supposed to do.

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