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I'm in a bit of a pickle, a designer created a branch in SVN and instead of copying files from the trunk, pulled them down from a FTP server. Now - when I go to merge the branch back into the trunk. I'm getting conflicts on entire directories and not individual files.

all the errors are

C dir
> local add, incoming add upon merge

Is there a way to tell SVN to be ok w/ these directories but compare the files in the directories?

Here is my current merge cmd in the trunk checkout:

svn merge -r45759:HEAD svn://path/to/branch

These are the first 3 commits in the branch if they help

  • revision 45759 is when the branch was created
  • revision 45797 is the checkin from pulling files down from FTP and committing them to the branch
  • revision 45823 is the first actual change on the branch committed
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Is there a special reason to use that complicated svn merge command instead of simply "svn merge svn://path/to/branch" ? –  khmarbaise Dec 19 '11 at 16:32

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I would suggest to redo the merge via

svn merge --accept theirs-full svn://path/to/branch

which will get all the changes from the branch without asking..just using them...but be carefull, cause you have already created a folder dir in your local working copy which produces the conflict...

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