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I need to shrink the image that was kept in div background-image using javascript.for that image four's side having rounded corner.

Is it possible in javascript?

any suggestions ?

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You can't resize backgrounds with JS.

You can split the image up into 4 corner images and nest divs to show them all:

<div style="background:url(tl.jpg) top left no-repeat">
    <div style="background:url(tr.jpg) top right no-repeat">
        <div style="background:url(bl.jpg) bottom left no-repeat">
            <div style="background:url(br.jpg) bottom right no-repeat">

Of course you can simplify that if you div only grows on one axis:

<div style="background:url(top.jpg) top no-repeat">
    <div style="background:url(bottom.jpg) bottom no-repeat">
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I just thought about the same solution... In addition, I created a small draft, showing the splited background as well as the parts which have to be repeated: – Gerhard Dinhof May 13 '09 at 7:26

CSS does not support the resizing of a background image.

If you're just looking for rounded corners, there are a wide variety of solutions available that use various combinations of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Google: Rounded Corners

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CSS does support it, browsers don't support the CSS 3 specifications that has the background-size rule. – Bjorn Tipling May 13 '09 at 7:17

CSS 3 has the background-size property which would let you do this, but it's not supported in most browsers.

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Most modern browsers will let you round the corners of an element without resorting to background images. Check out the following CSS styles...


Each of these will give you a 4pixel radius. The first in Mozilla browsers (eg Firefox), the second is newer css3 browsers and the last in Safari et al.

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