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Im new to php n curl.. Im going to use Facebook's OGP for my facebook app that im using in my website..I created OPG setings for publish my app activities to the users profile.

After i have setup accouring to the Tutorial(above url) they give me curl code like

curl -F 'access_token=AAACAwq1JHZA0BAA94uB50n7O71B6PmMUsFAydKBKCv1HcdJw9NwK8MZC83vL2YqUXojQ0aXH8EBjTweKHQTr4bZBKlgkOJ0nB5dBDu6A09UbI0lmXZBs' \
     -F 'friend=' \


curl ''

I don't know how to run these codes in my site..Tutorial says something else there no curl codes in tutorial that given by facebook.. I tried alot.. Someone please help me to do this..

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That depends on your server-side technology. Plain html won't do. – flesk Dec 20 '11 at 21:44
yh its aftr long time..thanks 4 helping i knw fb codes runs on thier own platform nw im a little expert in these kinda codes..thnks my friend n i love this place alott.. – Naveen Gamage Apr 30 '12 at 17:18

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cURL is a simple way to HTTP GET/POST/DELETE requests.

If you need to achieve similar behaviour in your site you need to choose a language that supports sending these requests.

For example you can use PHP and cURL options as well as the PHP SDK or you can use JavaScript to do the same with the JS SDK

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