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I am creating a site which you can post reminders.

I have tried much, but can't seem to be able to send a user an email every day with their reminders in.

I can get the content, through php, but don't know how to automatically send a message every day.

How can I do this through php or any other method?

My database looks like:

Users Table
->User's Row
------->other fields

Content Table
->User's Post row

I doubt that the database structure is important, but it is there if you need it.

Just to Clarify: Send each user a seperate email with their content.


Update: I have seen a lot of people talking about cron jobs and perl, but I don't have that sort of support for my hosting :(. Are there any other solutions, or a way to find a seperate perl only hosting with just the cron job in?

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Something has to tell your PHP script to execute. Look at cron which does just that!

Say your script is called daily-email.php. A simple crontab setup to run this script daily at 4am would be:

00 04 * * * /path/to/php /path/to/daily-email.php
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Read about cron jobs (Linux) or scheduled tasks (Windows).

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to do that, you'll need to use cron jobs, see if your webhost supports them. You can use cron jobs to run php scripts on regular intervals.

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check here: write a script(myfile.php) that u want to be executed everyday, thn execute this cron expression 0 0 * * * /myfile.php

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