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I am very new to assembly, and I'm trying to build a small program. I can't figure out how to insert a line break in assembly using the Easy68k. For example, I am starting to write basic black jack simulator, and I need to do a line break after greeting the first player. I tried incorporating "\n" into the variable declaration, but it just prints out as if it were part of the text.

According to the Easy 68K Help I/O section, I can use "LF EQU $0A New line (line feed)" but I have no idea how to implement this.

START   ORG        $400             ; Start of program area
    CLR.L      D0               ; Clear D0
    CLR.L      D1               ; Clear D1
    CLR.L      D2               ; Clear D2
    CLR.L      D3               ; Clear D3
    CLR.L      D4               ; Clear D4
    CLR.L      D5               ; Clear D5
    CLR.L      D6               ; Clear D6
    MOVE.L     playerTotal, D2  ; Store Player total in D1
    MOVE.L     card, D3         ; Store current card in D2
    MOVE.B     playerAce, D4    ; Store number of aces player has in D3
    MOVE       #14, D0      
    LEA        playerGreeting, A1   ; Load Player Greeting in A1
    TRAP       #15              ; Display Player Greeting
* insert line break     
    STOP       #$2700  ; Stop execution

        ORG         $1000   ;Start of data area
playerTotal DS.L        1       ; Save 1 byte of memory for playerTotal
dealerTotal DS.L        1       ; Save 1 byte of memory for dealerTotal
card        DC.L        5       ; Save 1 byte of memory for card dealt
keepPlaying DS.B        1       ; Save 1 byte of memory for Play again value
playerAce   DS.B        1       ; Save 1 byte of memory to track player Aces
playerGreeting  DC.B        'Hello Player 1!', 0    ; Message 

                LF        EQU       $0A
                END     START                  ; End of program and entry point
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Try this:

playerGreeting  DC.B        'Hello Player 1!',CR,LF,0    ; Message

This will insert a carriage return (CR) and line feed (LF) after your message. Basically it tacks on two additional characters to your output string before the null terminator (0).

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Omg, amazing. Thanks!!! For any future reader, make sure you define CR in the info section as "CR EQU $0D ;Carriage Return" (in addition to LF). –  kelly Dec 19 '11 at 19:41
@kelly, good point. I updated the answer to make that clearer. –  Dave Rager Dec 19 '11 at 19:49

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