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Workarounds for JavaScript parseInt octal bug

I was learning the parseInt() function of javascript and was just trying out, and out of nowhere

parseInt('08')  returns 0


parseInt('07')  returns 7 //which is correct

but again

parseInt('09')   returns 0 // really, are you kidding me.?

Either I am crazy or I am missing something?

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You last example (with '9') is a typo - you get the surprising result from '09', not '9'. –  Pointy Dec 19 '11 at 19:14
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parseInt('9') returns 9 for me. But '08' returns 0 as you said. Totally weird. Never seen this before. FF latest. –  techfoobar Dec 19 '11 at 19:15
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You need to specify the radix:

parseInt('08', 10);  // base 10 radix

Running your javascript thru JSLint will call this out as well.

From the documentation, parseInt parses the string as octal when the string starts with a 0, if no radix is specified.

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Its because its doing octal when the string starts with 0.

You should pass the radix of 10 as the second parameter.

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No, you're. Only parseInt obeys rules for octal numbers and applies them when the string begins with 0.

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