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How do I configure Azure Web Role to have United Kingdom (as opposed to US) as it's language/regional settings etc for all accounts? I believe I can RDP in and change it. However I want to set it to default on creation of the web role. It is making a difference to some classic ASP pages we have in a legacy app.

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Interesting problem. Can't say I've attempted this before. What you want is to set a different locale at startup so that it is always enforced as VMs making up your Web Role may be rebooted from time to time.

Unless someone comes up with a better idea you could try to modify the registry from a Windows Azure Startup Task. You would need to know which user locale to modify and you would need a registry changing CmdLet like this one (though I haven't tried it): Set-RegistryKey.

Given you can figure out what registry value to modify and what user is running your IIS this could be done.

Use a Startup Task. Call a Cmd script and envoke a PowerShell script. Call the CmdLet and set the locale you want.

I realize this is not a complete solution, just a suggestion. Hopefully it is worth while.

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Certainly worth a look. I guess it isn't a standard requirement –  GraemeMiller Dec 21 '11 at 12:23

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