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Read lot's of posts but nothing helped - I'm sure it's simple and I'm missing something obvious...

I created a very simple java app - JFrame with button and label. Runs fine.

I exported it as a Jar and created a manifest using the export's panel options for it. The exported jar runs fine.

When I try to add the jar as a bean to the WindowBuilder/Swing palette, I get a manifest error. Shown below...

I edited the manifest, adding bean info so that it looks like this:
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Sealed: true
Main-Class: bean1.Beanie
Java-Bean: True

Then, I exported the jar again but chose to use the existing manifest (the one I edited).

I still get the error when I try to import into the palette.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a simple tutorial for this (that works - I tried several but none seem to work with Eclipse and most seem to be for Netbeans).

Thanks enter image description here

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