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I am developing an Java application. The frame structure of the application is as follows. First i have JFrame which contains a panel. in the panel i have a number of JLists and between the Jlists i have implemented the Drag and Drop feature. Now each time before closing application i want to save the contents of the UI. for which i am using serialization and deserialization and i have successfully implemented it. After the deserialization all the things are working as expected except drag and drop. I am not getting any errors but the drag and drop handler is not established for the Jlists. I tried to put some print statements in the drag and drop handler and was getting no result. Can any one tell me what can be a possible reason for that ?

following is the definition of the DnDhandler that i have added to each Jlist Component

$private ListTransferHandler dndHandler = new ListTransferHandler();

and my ListTranferHandler class something like

$public class ListTransferHandler extends TransferHandler implements Serializable{

private static final long serialVersionUID = -3484014856820532284L;
//followed by all methods
    // canImport
    // createtranferable
    // getSourceActions
    // importData
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At a guess, I'd first look for places in your code where there's an == rather than a .equals(). You would do yourself a favour making the smallest piece of compilable, standalone code that you can which reproduces the bug. People could help you better with that information. –  Burleigh Bear Dec 23 '11 at 21:04
Although i have resolved the problem by serializing the contents and avoiding serializing UI components still i will post a sample code which which can make problem clear so that actual problem can be identified –  Sunny Agrawal Jan 9 '12 at 6:40

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In general, when working with swing, although the various components are Serializable, it's best not to serialize them directly. if you want to persist the data, serialize the data, not the swing elements themselves.

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