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Based on this example I have imported the VLC ActiveX.

When I try to put VLCPlugin on my form (or when I create it at run-time) I get an error message:

The specified procedure could not be found. (EOleSysError)
4001a321 +019 Vcl50.bpl    Comobj   OleError
4001a334 +010 Vcl50.bpl    Comobj   OleCheck
400d1c15 +0e9 Vcl50.bpl    Olectrls TOleControl.CreateInstance
400d1155 +125 Vcl50.bpl    Olectrls TOleControl.Create

Tested in D5/7 with VLC player 0.9.8a

Anyone knows how to resolve this issue?

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Make sure you include ActiveX unit in your uses clause. – Marcus Adams Dec 19 '11 at 22:24
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I don't have a solution for using the ActiveX component, but the Australian Delphi User Group published links to native headers.

You also might want to upgrade your VLC to the latest version (1.1.11).

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