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I have two tables I would like to complare. One of the columns is type glob. I would like to do something like this:

select key, glob_value source_table
select key, glob_value target_table

Unfortunately, Oracle can't perform minus operations on globs. How can I do this?

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The format is this:  
lob_1    IN BLOB,  
lob_2    IN BLOB,  
amount   IN INTEGER := 18446744073709551615,  
offset_1 IN INTEGER := 1,  
offset_2 IN INTEGER := 1)  

If, lob2) = 0, they are identical.

Here's an example query based on your example:

Select key, glob_value  
From source_table Left Join target_table  
  On source_table.key = target_table.key  
Where target_table.glob_value is Null  
  Or, target_table.glob_value) <> 0
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Can you access the data via a built in package? If so then perhaps you could write a function that returned a string representation of the data (eg some sort of hash on the data), then you could do

select key, to_hash_str_val(glob_value) from source_table
select key, to_hash_str_val(glob_value) from target_table
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