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I am trying to run a Perl SOAP server, it starts up alright, but when a method is called remotely I get the following message:

SOAP::Serializer::envelope: Client Failed to access class (HELLO): Can't locate HELLO.pm in @INC (@INC contains:) at (eval 127) line 3.

Now I assume this is because @INC does not specify where my HELLO.pm file resides? Although where abouts can I define this? I have tried adding the following to my script and placing the class (Hello.pm) there but no luck:

  push(@INC, '/etc/perl/');

My code is as follows (soapserver.pl):

  push(@INC, '/etc/perl/');
#- SoapHttpServerTrace.pl
#- Copyright (c) 2002 by Dr. Herong Yang
   use SOAP::Lite +trace;
   use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;
   my $daemon = SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon
      -> new (LocalAddr => 'XX.XX.XX.XX', LocalPort => 8001, listen => 5);
   $daemon -> dispatch_to('Hello::hello');
   print "Contact SOAP server at ", $daemon->url, "\n";
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Did you edit the error message? I don't see how SOAP could have been loaded if @INC is empty. What is the error message with your new code? –  ikegami Dec 19 '11 at 21:49

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You said your file is named Hello.pm, but the error message indicates an attempt to load HELLO.pm. Fix whichever of these is wrong.

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