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Rather than a simple directory on my disk, I work on a project that's inside a Disk Image (Case-Sensitive, Journaled). TM2 works great, but I couldn't get the GitBundle extensions to function, including the Go => SCM Status menu item.

First, I thought my TM_GIT property wasn't set, but later added an entry in my ~/.tm_properties file.

Reading odd entries from the Mailing List, regarding SMB disks, I moved an instance of my project onto my Local Disk, and suddenly the Git menus (most of them) worked perfectly.

Restating question: Why does the Git Bundle fail here, but not in TM1.5.1 ?

(I think my mailbox would explode if I joined the TM mailing list, and I refuse to sign up with 'Old Nabble' which clearly states "we're going to save your password because it's okay")

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Not sure if I completely understand your problem. Check two things, *Maybe its because TM2 relies on absolute paths, with TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT type path variable. There is one for project root which can be set in .tm_properties (try that) *Also its seems like TM2 resolving symlinks is not the same as regular directories.If your are mounting your directory then maybe that causes issues. –  jake Dec 30 '11 at 6:26

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