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I'm trying to create a stream of actions in my rails App. Here are the helper methods I use to generate a list of likes a user received, and a list of stories a user's friend wrote.

Later, I simply combine these into one array to display in a view. But, I want to sort my final array, by date, but when I use .map in the earlier methods, I can't figure out how to get a date object in there that I can sort by.

def get_stream(current_user)
    stories = get_friends_stories(current_user)
    likes = get_likes(current_user)
    stream = [stories, likes]

def get_likes(user)
    stories = get_stories(user)
    likes = Like.find_all_by_story_id(stories)
    hash = {|like| "#{like.user.display_name} liked your story #{like.story.title}" }

  def get_friends_stories(user)
    friends = get_friends(user)
    friend_ids = {|f| f.friend_id }
    stories = Story.find_all_by_user_id(friend_ids)
    hash = {|story| "#{story.user.display_name} wrote a story called #{story.title}" } 
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Just a simple change seems to work:

def get_stream(current_user)
    stories = get_friends_stories(current_user)
    likes = get_likes(current_user).sort_by {|l| l.created_at }
    streams = stories + likes
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