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I bother you to have some tips for this problem: I'm working in Latex with a very dirty code, generated by writer2latex (quite good programme, anyway) and, using Emacs, I'm trying to query-replace multiple lines of code, for instance:

{\centering   [Warning: Image ignored] % Unhandled or unsupported graphics:

have to become:


Using M-x re-builder, I found out that I could underline the whole region I need to query-replace with the string: \{.*centering.*.*cm] but, if I M-x replace-regexp using this, I only get: Invalid regexp: "Invalid content of \\{\\}" Any suggestion about how to perform the query? I have a HUGE amount of lines like these to replace... :-)

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You're getting this error message because in Emacs' regular expressions the curly braces\{ and \} have special meaning. These braces are used to specify that the part of the regexp immediately before the braces should be matched a certain number of times.

From the GNU Emacs documentation on regexps:

\{n\} is a postfix operator specifying n repetitions [...]

\{n,m\} is a postfix operator specifying between n and m repetitions [...]

If you want your regexp to actually match a curly brace, do not escape it with a leading slash:

{.*centering.*C-q C-j.*cm]

In order to use a backslash in the replacement string you have to escape it with another backslash. (When doing this in code, it quickly becomes quite ugly because inside a double-quoted string backslashes themselves have to be escaped already. However, since you are doing your replacements interactively, the double escaping is not necessary and thus two backslashs are enough.)

M-C-% {.*centering.*C-q C-j.*cm] RET \\begin{figure}[tpb]C-q C-j\\begin{center}C-q C-j\\includegraphics[width=\\textwidth] RET

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Thank you, perfect to select the region, but I can replace only using a text string without any "\" and "{", and I need them in Latex! Any suggestion? ThanX – user1106732 Dec 20 '11 at 23:25
Curly braces are not a problem in the replacement string, but backslashs have to be escaped. I've updated my answer accordingly. If it works for you, please remember to mark the answer as "correct". Thanks. – Thomas Dec 21 '11 at 6:00
Thank you! You saved a filthy newbie :-P – user1106732 Dec 21 '11 at 21:35

Make sure the re-syntax is "read", C-c tab. Remove the initial backslash. Now the regexp should work if you yank it into replace-regexp

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I did: M-x re-builder, C-c TAB, I got: "Select syntax: read". I need to have in my query also "\" and "{" because they are very important for Latex... – user1106732 Dec 20 '11 at 23:22

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