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OK so I'm new to SQL and not very familiar with Oracle SQLDev, but the tool that I'm making requires that I access an Oracle database and gather some information. I'm trying to figure what table a foreign key is pointing to.

This database has thousands of tables.


I got a table (TASKS) that contains the following columns [id, user, task_type, task_group]. The problem is that all of this values are ids which correspond to another table, and the table naming convention is not intuitive.

So how can I find out what table task_type is a pointing to?

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select acc.table_name REFERENCING_TABLE_NAME, acc.column_name REFERENCING_COLUMN_NAME
from all_constraints ac1,
all_constraints ac2,
all_cons_columns acc
where ac1.constraint_type = 'P'
and ac1.table_name = :table_name
and ac2.r_constraint_name = ac1.constraint_name
and ac2.constraint_name = acc.constraint_name;

that should work

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Thanks, this worked for me –  Lex Dec 20 '11 at 16:04
select table_name, constraint_name, status, owner
from all_constraints
where r_owner = :r_owner
and constraint_type = 'R'
and r_constraint_name in
   select constraint_name from all_constraints
   where constraint_type in ('P', 'U')
   and table_name = :r_table_name
   and owner = :r_owner
order by table_name, constraint_name
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