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I want to print out all valid combination of n-paris of parentheses in C. In the main I give a value 3. That's I want to print out all combination of valid parentheses with 3 left parentheses and 3 right parentheses. However, I got segmentation fault, the gdb prints to _printValidParentheses(str, leftCount--, rightCount, count++); line. I am wondering anyone know why I got the fault? Thanks.

void printString(char * str) {
    while (*str) {
        printf("%c", *str++);

void _printValidParentheses(char str[], int leftCount, int rightCount, int count) {
    if (leftCount < 0 || rightCount < 0) {

    if (leftCount == 0 && rightCount == 0) {
    } else {
        if (leftCount > 0) {
            str[count] = '(';
            _printValidParentheses(str, leftCount--, rightCount, count++);

        if (rightCount > leftCount) {
            str[count] = ')';
            _printValidParentheses(str, leftCount, rightCount--, count++);


void printValidParentheses(int n) {
    char *str = malloc(sizeof(char) * n * 2);
    _printValidParentheses(str, n, n, 0);

int main() {
    return 1;
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You decrement / increment the variables in this line:

_printValidParentheses(str, leftCount--, rightCount, count++);

only after you call the function, so you get StackOverflow, because the function is called with the same arguments each time, andit calls itself recursively.

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wow, thanks pointing this out. so i changed to _printValidParentheses(str, leftCount-1, rightCount, count+1); and works perfectly. Thanks. – Simon Guo Dec 19 '11 at 23:04

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