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I am using XML file as data source for TreeView. It workes well, however I wonder whether there is any way to add parameter to TreeView A HREF link if there is external="1" parameter in XML record:

<SubMenu text="TEST" type="href" external="1" prikaz="something" value="712"></SubMenu>

and ASP.NET TreeView:

<asp:TreeView ID="objTreeViewMenu" runat="server" ExpandDepth="0" ImageSet="Arrows" ShowExpandCollapse="true">
       <asp:TreeNodeBinding DataMember="Home" TextField="#Name" ValueField="#Value" />
       <asp:TreeNodeBinding DataMember="Menu" TextField="text" ValueField="value" />
       <asp:TreeNodeBinding DataMember="SubMenu" TextField="text" ValueField="value" />

Is there a way to use TreeNodeDataBound to modify every TreeView node if paramater external in XML file?

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I will answer my own question, hopefully someone can find this helpful

protected void TreeNodeBound(Object sender, TreeNodeEventArgs e)
     XmlElement dr = (XmlElement)e.Node.DataItem;
     if (dr.HasAttribute("external"))
         e.Node.Target = "external";
         e.Node.NavigateUrl = dr.Attributes["prikaz"].Value;
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