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I am trying to convert a visual studio 6 project to Visual studio 2010.

There is an activex control on the dialog box. it works fine in Studio 6.

However it fails in

BOOL COleControlContainer::FillListSitesOrWnds(_AFX_OCC_DIALOG_INFO* pOccDlgInfo)

If I try to create the control in OnInitDialog like below dynamically it returns 0

Any help is greatly appreciated.

BOOL m = m_obChartCtrl.Create(_T("test"),WS_CHILD |WS_VISIBLE,CRect (10,10,200,200),this,ID_FIRSTAXGC);
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Try drawing that control on a vc10 dialog directly and see if that draws? –  Naresh Jan 9 '13 at 8:48

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