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I'm working with the QuickBox2D library, and I'm trying to move one object to the bottom of the stage.

But it's not working, QuickBox2D doesn't seem to recognize it.

Call to a possibly undefined method setChildIndex through a reference with static type com.actionsnippet.qbox:QuickBox2D.


        var gameBall:QuickObject;


        sim.setChildIndex(gameBall, 0);
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The QuickBox2D class inherits from EventDispatcher, not DisplayObjectContainer where setChildIndex is defined. I don't see a way to handle z-indicies in the QuickBox2D system, which actually makes sense to me because objects shouldn't overlap in a physical system.

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Let's have a look at setChildIndex()

  • It's a method defined by DisplayObjectContainer.
  • Its first argument must be of type DisplayObject.

Currently, you're trying to:

  1. Call setChildIndex() from an instance of QuickBox2D (not a DisplayObjectContainer).
  2. Pass another instance of QuickBox2D as the first agument (which needs to be a DisplayObject).
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