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In my application I have the internal integer ID of a Twitter user and I want to provide a link to their Twitter page, e.g. I have an ID of 123456 for the Twitter account http://twitter.com/thisisanexample and I want to provide a link that resolves to the Twitter account page using the ID.

I know I could query Twitter's web services using the ID and get the screen name but I'd rather not if possible.

Does anyone know if Twitter provides a URL that takes the internal integer ID of the user and redirects to the normal user Twitter profile?

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Twitter doesn't provide a URL resolving feature that automatically converts ID's to names and re-directs you. There simply isn't a feature like this from Twitter. You can use users/lookup of course and get JSON. –  Chamilyan Dec 20 '11 at 0:04

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Yes. Example:


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This doesn't appear to currently work for mobile devices, twitter's site is adding mobile to the url. –  offex Mar 22 '13 at 17:28
as for today it seems to work for iPhone at least –  Szymon Fortuna Jan 16 at 12:04

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