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I work on a project where we maintain our own stack crawler (for various reasons). We need to be able to crawl the stack with a certain amount of reliability. At the moment we're hitting an issue where a function tail calls to a function that we're interested in, and our stack trace skips a frame that would be present in a debug build (/Od). We already disable frame pointer optimization and inlining (/Oy- and /Ob0) so we can get better stack traces, but we still want to be able to turn on some optimizations (/O1) to make the code faster. However, tail calls still interfere with our stack traces.

Is there any flag or setting that will disable this optimization in MSVC? gcc has -f(no-)optimize-sibling-calls, which covers this.

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Do you need it for production as well as for testing? – Larry Osterman Dec 20 '11 at 2:27

No, you could possibly put your tail-calling function in a separate compilation module and only compile it without optimisations though.

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