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I'm getting data from a database, and one of them its a link to a picture somewhere in the web. I want the user to click on that link, and then with querystring, to pass all the data to another page.

I tried to do this :

<% foreach (System.Data.DataRow dataRow in DT.Rows ) { %>                           
<% = dataRow["Title"].ToString() %>
<% string QueryString= Request.QueryString.ToString(); %>
<a href="<%("MoviesInfo.aspx?"+ QueryString)  %>"><img src="<% = dataRow["Descreption"].ToString() %>" width="30%" height="30%" /></a>
<% = dataRow["Ganere"].ToString() %>

<% } %>

but it didnt work out well... what could be the problem?


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There are 2 problems with your code.

1) You're setting QueryString to be the current Request's query string. I'm pretty sure you want this be data on the current row?

<% string QueryString= dataRow["Movie"].ToString(); %>

2) The href should be built using <%= instead of <%:

<a href="<%= ("MoviesInfo.aspx?"+ QueryString)  %>">
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Thanks, it worked! – thormayer Dec 20 '11 at 6:58

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