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I needed to find a way that two applications can use the same cache, and after some quick research it seems that we will need a distributed cache to achieve this. Further Googling turns up a number of solutions, NCache, SharedCache, Velocity, memcached. This cache will be used for caching webpages in a Microsoft Enviroment using Asp.Net 3.5.

So my question is what experiences do you have with these, or other, technologies.

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We have been using Memcached for some time now and it works like a charm. It is really stable and the overall performance is also pretty good.

You can make use of the "Memcached Providers" project at codeplex.com to easily integrate it with .net.

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Thanks for the feedback - anyone else? –  Gareth May 21 '09 at 10:39

Depending on the solution you require a low-tech option might be to persist the results/data to a network share.

Then have each machine hold a cached version (perhaps use the ASP.NET cache or Enterprise Library) of the data with a corresponding cache dependency.

To answer your question I have heard excellent things about NCache and Memcached.

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I would argue that is anything but low-tech compared to an off the shelf distributed cache solution –  DanSingerman Jun 2 '09 at 13:21
It really depends on the desired solution, budget and the deployment scenario. However I would strongly recommend purchasing an enterprise product (like those listed above) in most cases. –  Kane Jun 2 '09 at 13:24

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