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I created a database called dnndb and a user called dnnusr in MS SQL 2008 in my website panel.

When I get through the app installer my site passes the permissions check. I get to the stage that requires these fields:

Server: Enter the Name or IP Address of the computer where the Database is located. (if using Oracle enter the Data Source (SID

Database: Enter the Database name

So the database name is dnndb but what is the Server? The default value is .\SQLExpress which can't be right since my db is MS SQL 2008, but what do I change it to?

I know what you are going to say - "read the documentation!!"

Well, I did do that, but instructions are for using simple "." for local install with SQL Server Express and "otherwise set up your database manually". Well I did set it up manually, but I don't know how to handle this field with my set up MS SQL database.

Any DotNetNuke People around here??

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Installer asks for a value to use in the SqlClient connection string's Data Source attribute.

The value is usually a <host name>\<instance name> pair, but it can be more simple or complex depending if the SQL Server is local or remote, if it is a default instance of a named instance, if you are using the default TCP port 1433 or some different port etc.

For a local server and default instance use any of the following:


If you do not specify a named instance, MS SQL Standard / Web / Enterprise installer creates a default instance.

However, SQL Server Express installer creates a named instance SQLExpress by default. .\SQLExpress is a correct Data Source value for this local instance.

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